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  • A Different Viewpoint on NFTY-GER Winter Kallah

    At NFTY-GER’s Winter Kallah at URJ Camp Harlam more than 100 teens gathered together to discuss social action, Jewish values, and to have fun with both new and old friends. Casey Sherman, a member of NFTY-STR, joined NFTY-GER for the week and details her experience: 

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  • Introducing the Candidates for NFTY-GER Regional Board 5778-5779

    Candidates for President Sarah Friedman is a junior from Hillsborough, New Jersey. Sarah has served on the NFTY-GER Cabinet for two years, and is currently serving as the Membership Vice President! Sarah has served as the Vice President and Ex-Officio in her TYG, SMOOCHY, and has loved attending UMC and

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