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  • Run for 2020-2021 NFTY-GER Regional Board!

    Dear GERites, We invite you to consider running for NFTY-GER’s 2020-2021 Regional Board. Being a Regional Board member is a big commitment, but it’s also an incredibly exciting opportunity for you to contribute your talents to our community and serve your fellow GERites. Please take a look at the NFTY-GER Elections Packet 2020. It has

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  • Liam’s Leadership Lessons: Chapter 3 – Creative Service Planning

    Hey y’all! It’s Liam Klass, your Programming Vice President! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season full of cheer, latkes, gift giving and receiving, and sleeping in! I am excited to see how we grow and thrive in this new year and new decade! I was also pumped to see you all at URJ

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