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  • Join a NFTY-GER Committee!

    Hi everyone! My name is Caroline McKinnon, and I am NFTY-GER President this year. Part of my goal for this year was to restructure our leadership team. Part of this means redefining what committees mean in NFTY-GER. This year, we are offering 5 different and unique committees! They are as follows… Taste of NFTY Committee-

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  • Liam’s Leadership Lessons: Chapter 1 – Programming Perfection

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the first blog post for Liam’s Leadership Lessons! This series will consist of monthly blog posts from the NFTY-GER PVP designed to help growing leaders create social programming events in their own communities and congregations. Each blog post will be accompanied by a plethora of links full of helpful and exciting

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