Blog  Consultation on Conscience: Making the Ask

Consultation on Conscience: Making the Ask

Sam Dorow is a junior from NFTY-GER. He currently serves as NFTY-GER Social Action Vice President.

Darrow-212x300Going on a train down to DC to the Consultation on Conscience directly after NFTY-GER’s Spring Kallah, all I could think of was the fact that I was going to be exhausted. When I stepped out of the cab and into the hotel, I knew I was wrong. I was met by throngs of people, excited to make change and learn how they can make that change. Throughout the first two days I was lucky enough to see the amazing Rabbi David Saperstein pass down the torch of Social Action to the equally as amazing Rabbi Jonah Pesner. From then on, we got to hear from some amazing speakers like Rabbi Rick Jacobs and Bryan Stevenson. Hearing from these speakers was so amazing. These speakers were so captivating, they supplied me with a new drive for Social Action. I never understood the nationwide effect of Social Action and the widespread support of the Reform Jewish social action movement until two days ago. There is so much change that needs to happen in the United States, and seeing our widespread recognition I realized that the Reform Movement can make a change. I went on the next day with this revitalized drive for Social Action to not only protest outside the Supreme Court of the United States for equal marriage rights but to lobby my Representative, Donald Payne Jr., on important issues to me and the Reform Movement. This only has pushed my motivation to new heights. This experience was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I could go through dozens of instances in Judaism that show the importance of Tikkun Olam, but that could be a whole different blog post by itself! When preparing to lobby our congressmen the RAC told us one of the most important pieces of lobbying was making an Ask. Actually ask your congressman or woman for something, so I guess I’ll take their advice a little further by asking all of you something. I ask you to help The RAC and the reform movement’s initiatives to change our world. The United States can and does listen to us and only more of you all will make our support greater. I myself have made a donation to the RAC and plan to speak out in support of Reform campaigns more in the future. This is all I ask of you: make a donation, no matter how large or small, and if not simply support some sort of initiative. This world does not lack things in need of change nor does it have a lack of people who can make this change happen. Although I am lucky enough to be NFTY-GER’s Social Action Vice President and serve on the Commission on Social Action, one does not need to be to make change. Every movement needs all of you to make your voice heard and we can make a wave of social action that can rock the boat of the United States of America and the World. As a movement, we can have make our voices heard, As a movement, we can make our Jewish Values present and as a movement, we can make a real change that everyone will see.

I would quickly like to thank every single one of you at the RAC and especially Isaac Nuell, Shira Zemel, all of the LAs and Rabbi Jonah Pesner for making me believe that we can make a difference.