Blog  What to expect at NFTY-GER Kickoff 2016!

What to expect at NFTY-GER Kickoff 2016!

There’s an indescribable feeling I get when I attend a NFTY-GER event. It’s an opportunity to meet other teens who share the same passions and personalities as I do. At NFTY-GER’s Kickoff Event, participants are going to have the opportunity to learn all about Leadership Development while having countless opportunities to meet other people just like themselves.

Now, what does all that mean? Through our various program opportunities, GER-ites are going to learn about leadership techniques that they can bring back to their Temple Youth Groups (TYGs) and into NFTY-GER. During Network Time, participants who serve on a TYG Board and participants who desire to be on their TYG Board will have the opportunity to meet other teens with the same passions. They will learn from the NFTY-GER Regional Board about ways they can make their TYGs even more successful.

blog 2Throughout my time in NFTY, I’ve always enjoyed doing a fun activity while simultaneously hanging around other Jewish teens. Through activities like these, called “Chugim”, teens will have the opportunity to do Israeli dancing, sports, arts and crafts, and so much more. This is just a taste of what NFTY-GER does at our Kallot: taking a break, strengthening old bonds with friends and making new ones.

At URJ Kutz Camp last summer, I participated in the Leadership Academy. Over the summer, I was able to learn about what it takes to be a leader while connecting with other leaders from around the country. It was such an incredible experience because it allowed me to hear what other youth organizations are doing and now I have more ideas for NFTY-GER. At Kickoff, you can have experiences like these that will help you better your Temple Youth Group.

If you’re looking for ways to better your Temple Youth Group while having fun with other Jewish teens, go sign up for the NFTY-GER Kickoff right now!

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Written by 

Mark Edelstein

NFTY-GER President