Blog  Help NFTY-GER grow. Become a Group Leader.

Help NFTY-GER grow. Become a Group Leader.

I knew I first wanted to take on a position of leadership in NFTY-GER when I participated in a program so incredible and meaningful, yet fell flat in my group. I could tell the program leaders had good intent when writing the program, that the content was there, yet the passion of the program writers sat plainly on the page! Then, I realized that it was the role of the group leader to make the program shine, and it was their awesome responsibility to create a worthwhile experience for the members of NFTY-GER!

Many members of our region have already had the chance to lead participants in impactful programs. For passionate GER-ite Ryan Marvin, his “experience motivated [him] to become a stronger leader in both NFTY-GER, and in [his] hometown.” This energetic member of our community “felt so proud to have led all [his] friends [in] a really fun activity,” and acquire such useful leadership skills in a place where he feels at home. Loyal NFTY-ite Allie Beutel has the inside scoop on the skills it takes for one to thrive in the world of leading Jewish youth. She articulates that a strong leader, “improves the experience for everyone” involved, and “can keep participants engaged, active, and included.” Allie adds that “being a group leader is also a great opportunity to learn something new and change your perspective by listening to participants’ responses.”Allie Beutel

Taking up the amazing task of group leading within NFTY-GER is no small feat. It has inspired members of our region to take up positions of leadership both in and outside of our community. It has strengthened the skills of people who dare to learn, to explore, and delve deep into topics about which they are interested. It has given participants an opportunity to find their passion through discovery of Jewish values and social justice. Take on the challenge. Apply to be a group leader and help our region grow.

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Written by

Marissa Klass
NFTY-GER Programming Vice President