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Join the 6th and 7th Grade Event Committee!

Going to your first NFTY-GER high school event may be scary for some people, especially if you haven’t gone to a weekend long event in middle school. This is why the NFTY 6th and 7th grade event is crucial. This event can make or break your NFTY-GER experience.

My first event was the 7th and 8th grade event. That Friday night, I fell in love with NFTY-GER, but more specifically, I got involved with NFTY-GER because of my amazing RA. I wanted to show her that I truly believed her when she said that NFTY-GER was one million times better than the 6th and 7th grade event that I was at. I wanted to be exactly like the teen leaders there and lead this event when I was older.

After my freshman year in NFTY-GER I wanted to give back to this amazing community that had given me so much. I wanted a leadership opportunity besides being a regional chair member, so I applied to be on the 6th and 7th Grade Event Committee.nfty678-promo-photo

In January 2016, we had our first event meeting. There, we got right to work to start planning the weekend-long event. Everyone was broken up into three different groups: the services committee (planning song sessions and Shabbat services), the education committee (planning educational games and activities), and the mixer committee (planning mixers and welcoming activities so everyone could meet their peers). The last committee that we were assigned to was planning Maccabiah. After the Maccabiah event, we could tell it meant so much to the 6th and 7th graders by all the smiles on their faces. At night, during bunk bonding, these middle schoolers crave talking to you because they want to feel like they are one of us. During this time, you not only get to tell them all about your NFTY experience, but also tell them why NFTY-GER is right for them and what to expect from NFTY-GER.

The 6th and 7th grade event has a lot of thought put into the planning to make it different than a high school event. I look back on it and we did an outstanding job. During the event, the 6th and 7th graders were asking if there were more events like these. At that moment, you can’t feel anything more than pride of everything that you have accomplished during the weekend.

When you are a senior, and these participants run into you at a TYG event, it’s interesting to hear their story and how they are involved within their temple. Applying for the 6th and 7th Grade Event Committee can not only give you a great leadership opportunity in NFTY-GER, but also allow you to show these 6th and 7th graders why you fell in love with NFTY-GER from the start.

Join me on the 6th and 7th Grade Event Committee. Apply now!

Written by

Ashleigh Alves