Blog  NFTY-GER Candidates for Regional Board 2017-2018

NFTY-GER Candidates for Regional Board 2017-2018

Here they are, folks: The candidates for NFTY-GER 2017-2018 Regional Board!


Gavin Burns

Gavin Burns is ecstatic to run for the position of NFTY-GER President. He hails from West Milford and goes to school in Passaic County Tech in Wayne, NJ. Gavin has served as the Membership Vice-President for the past year and enjoyed creating an environment where GER-ites feel more comfortable. Gavin has been in NFTY for the last five years and wouldn’t trade that time for anything. He enjoys watching Netflix all night, playing video-games with friends, and eating vast quantities of food.

Read Gavin’s Letter of Intent


Adam Frank

Adam Frank is NFTY-GER’s Northern Recruitment VP and has served as OBOY President and NFTY-GER New Member Chair. He loves sharing NFTY with others and helping them find their spot in it. Adam’s an alum of URJ Camp Harlam and Mitzvah Corps, and this summer he’ll be attending the Leadership Academy at the URJ Kutz Camp. When he’s not doing something NFTY, you can find Adam watching Netflix or wondering what to watch on Netflix.

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Marissa Klass

Marissa Klass is a junior who resides in Marlboro, New Jersey, and loves her temple youth group RTSY! Marissa had an absolute blast attending the URJ Kutz Camp ‘15 and Urban Mitzvah Corps ‘16, and will be working at a super hip day camp this summer! She dabbles in the fine art of bike riding, enjoys moderate walks on the beach, nalgenes, writing poetry, being a hilarious comedian, and most importantly being a proud member of NFTY-GER!

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Lauren Plattman

Lauren Plattman is a junior from Berkeley Heights, NJ. When she isn’t at NFTY events, Lauren loves being the stage manager for the drama club, making short films, and hanging out with her friends. In Lauren’s limited free time she loves watching Netflix, eating good food, and daydreaming about Israel and camp.

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Emily Chaleff

Emily Chaleff is a 11th grader who attends Livingston High School. She is a proud member of JeshTY at Temple B’nai Jeshurun in Short Hills, New Jersey! When she is not at NFTY events or talking to her friends about NFTY, she loves to play softball and spend time outdoors! She has attended URJ Camp Harlam for many summers and went on the NFTY in Israel L’dor V’dor trip this past summer!

Read Emily’s Letter of Intent






Maya Epstein

Maya is a junior from Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple in NJ. She has recently returned from NFTY-EIE where she had the opportunity to experience Israel in a whole new way. She has spent two summers at Kutz camp, one as a fellow. She is passionate about Social Action and finds an outlet as SAVP of her TYG. When not doing something Jewish, you can find her rock climbing, obsessing over musicals, or baking. B’shalom.

Read Maya’s Letter of Intent






Michael Einiger

Michael Einiger has been a NFTY-GER Regional Songleader since 5775 (2015). He is a member of Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple in New Brunswick, NJ, where he serves as head songleader and is the Communications VP of their Temple Youth Group. Michael also attended URJ Camp Harlam for three years, expanding his love for Judaism. When not at temple or NFTY events, Michael can be found in the theater, performing onstage, playing piano in the pit, or sound designing.

Read Michael’s Letter of Intent




Sydney Schoenholtz

Sydney is a Junior at Marlboro High School and you’ve probably seen her at events because she’s the one who always has a guitar in hand! She has served as RCVP for her Temple Youth Group, RTSY, and she has been both songleader and head songleader for NFTY GER. She has an impressive collection of Nalgene water bottles, and has watched The Office more times than any human should. She is really passionate about Judaism and applying it to her everyday life. Most of all, she really wants you to read her letter of intent!!!

Read Sydney’s Letter of Intent





Mitchell Friedman

Mitchell Friedman is thrilled to serve as NFTY-GER’s Membership Vice President next year, 5777-5778. Mitchell’s a sophomore residing in Hillsborough where he is active on SMOOCHY’s board. For the past 7 years Mitchell has been spending his summers at Camp Harlam and will be traveling to Israel this summer. Mitchell runs cross country and spring track. He can always be found creating playlists on Spotify, tweeting, or watching The Office on Netflix. Save the bees!!!

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Sarah Friedman

Sarah Friedman is a sophomore in high school who enjoys watching netflix. Sarah served as the activities and outreach chair her freshman year and this year worked as one of the programming coordinators. She serves as a co-vice president of her TYG, SMOOCHY, and spent this past summer at UMC. Sarah coached a special education cheerleading team and recently started an inclusive cheerleading team at her high school for students with and without disabilities.

Read Sarah’s Letter of Intent


Shane Schwartz

Hi. I am I’m Shane Schwartz. I am a sophomore from TSSHY. I have been in NFTY for 4 years now, and Hagigah will be my 9th event. I am not very good with words, so instead of trying to make this sound good, I will now list a few words to describe myself:

Creative                       Passionate            Fun (when needed)          Funny

Compassionate           Sarcastic              Serious (when needed)

Responsible                Dedicated            Trustworthy               Energetic

Proud Jew                   Friendly               Confident              and Organized

Read Shane’s Letter of Intent


Noa Vitenson

Noa Vitenson is a junior from Marlboro, New Jersey. She is currently the Membership Vice President of RTSY and one of NFTY-GER’s 5776-5777 song leaders. She loves meeting new people and becoming closer with friends. Noa goes to a Jewish camp in Pennsylvania named Camp Galil where she loves counseling. In her spare time, you can find her singing with her ukulele, eating endless amounts of challah and sushi, or watching a movie or show.

Read Noa’s Letter of Intent






Izzy Cotenoff

Izzy is very excited to be running for Regional Board this year! She is currently in her second year as a co-RCVP for her TYG, STISY, and is the Central Recruitment Assistant Chair this year. Izzy has spent her past 6 summers at URJ Camp Harlam and plans to return again this upcoming summer. In her free time, Izzy enjoys reading, taking photos, and spending time with her friends!

Read Izzy’s Letter of Intent



Ashleigh Alves

Ashleigh is a junior and an active member in her TYG, RTSY, and in NFTY-GER. She served as her TYG’s Social Action Vice President freshman year, NFTY-GER’s New Member Chair sophomore year, NFTY 678 Coordinator this year, and alum of Urban Mitzvah Corps. Besides NFTY-GER, Ashleigh spends her free time volunteering with special needs kids, joining many clubs in school, and keeping up with her 50+ Snapchat streaks!

Read Ashleigh’s Letter of Intent






Brooke D’Antonio

Hello NFTY-GER! I am Brooke D’Antonio! I am a junior at Middletown High School North, and I would like to be the next NFTY-GER Southern Recruitment Vice President. I am involved in various activities, but NFTY-GER will always be my top priority. I am a varsity gymnast and I am the co-captain for the team. I am in clubs like drama club, acapella, model UN, and bottle cappers. I also am an active Girl Scout, and am currently working toward my Gold Award. I volunteer at my library every week, and I am invited to join National Honor Society. I love eating food, and being silly but I am also very professional. I can’t wait for the next year in NFTY-GER and I hope that I can be your next Southern Recruitment Vice President.

Read Brooke’s Letter of Intent




Amy Heimowitz

Amy is a sophomore from Monroe, NY. She is the NFTY-GER rep of her TYG, BETY, NFTY-GER’s 5776-5777 Marketing chair, and UMC ’16 alumni. Amy spends as little time as possible at school but enjoys participating in National Art Honor Society. In her free time, Amy can be found playing guitar or on her roof appreciating anything nature related. Amy is a Birkenstock and Nalgene enthusiast and sports these items at most NFTY-GER events.

Read Amy’s Letter of Intent


Steven Buchman

Steven Buchman has no words to describe the amount of joy he has to serve his fellow NFTYites in the 5778-5779 year. Steven is going to be a junior in the 2017-2018 school year. He attends Monroe Woodbury High School in Monroe New York. He has been part of his TYG and NFTY-GER since 8th grade. He was BETY’s 5777-5778 Membership Vice President. Steven has made Silvers’ championship in Swimming for his club team; The New York Sharks. During the summer Steven can be found as a Junior Counselor for Rosmarin’s Day Camp.  Steven enjoys comic books and he is a very dedicated person to everything that he does.

Read Steven’s Letter of Intent