Blog  What Being a NFTY-GER Cabinet Member Means to Me

What Being a NFTY-GER Cabinet Member Means to Me

To me, being a Cabinet member is something special. To me, it means that I can still help the wonderful region we all know and love even if I’m not on regional board. Last year, when I lost the election for CVP to someone else (who did an absolutely amazing job this year), I thought my chance to give back to the region that had given so much to me, was over. Then, when the Cabinet application came out, I got excited again, rekindling my desire to help this region run the way it does. But, I did not receive a position again. Despite these setbacks, I continued to help the region as much as I could. The only real difference was the title. While this title did establish a large difference between me and the regional board, when I was leading a program or helping to set up for services, the title did not matter.  Luckily, my hard work paid off, as I was appointed Assistant Program Coordinator at Winter Kallah and appointed Program Coordinator at Hagigah. What I want every NFTY-GER member who reads this to do is, no matter what your title, give back to the region. It doesn’t matter if you’re president of GER, your youth group, or a general member, you can give back to GER and the rewards will be great. If you give back, not only are you ensuring that NFTY-GER will have a long-lasting future, but you are giving countless others the experience that you had. See you all soon at Kickoff and Fall Kallah!

Written by Ryan Marvin

Cabinet Member of the Year


A full list of Cabinet positions, their descriptions, and responsibilities can be found in the Cabinet Information Packet. Please make sure that you read the entire document before filling out the NFTY-GER 2017-2018 Cabinet Application! The application is due no later than Tuesday, August 15th. Cabinet structure and positions are subject to change on a year-by-year basis. If you have any questions, please reach out to Melo, NFTY-GER Regional Director of Youth Engagement.