Blog  Learning, Fun, Friends all at Fall Kallah!

Learning, Fun, Friends all at Fall Kallah!

NFTY-GER joined together last month at Kutz Camp for the first kallah of the year, Fall Kallah. At this event the GER community learned about leadership, partook in Shabbat and Havdallah services, and spent time with friends, new and old. One participant, Erica Milgram, gave us her perspective about the event in more detail.

“At Fall Kallah last month, I spent three amazing days at Kutz Camp learning and having fun with some of my closest Jewish friends. The weekend started with some mixers, where I got to meet new members and people who I had never spoken to. We had a unique type of Shabbat service Friday night, which even included glow sticks! The night concluded with a fun murder mystery game, where we had to use clues to solve the mystery. On Saturday, the day started with a relaxing Shabbat morning service with yoga and meditation! The rest of the day consisted of many workshops, programs, chugim (art) periods, and some free time. I participated in a program where I learned what the difference is between a leader and a manager, we had group discussions about Israel, understood some new characters from the Tanakh, and learned some tips on how to better group lead. During my freetime, I took advantage of the nice weather by laying a blanket on the grass, and watching a game of basketball that was going on. Later on, I participated in a photo scavenger hunt, to try and find the most items. As a senior, I was a “Big” to a “Little,” someone who was new to NFTY. All of the Bigs and Littles had a pumpkin decorating contest. At the end of the night, we all changed into our pj’s and comfy clothes, and played fun games such as lip sync battles and the “mostest” game during Big Fun. Sunday morning consisted of the typical closing day routine. Merchandise was sold, beads were given out, and shoutouts were read. Soon enough, we were all back on the buses. As sad as it was to leave, nobody looked sad. I believe we knew we would all see each other soon enough. Whether it was at temple events, regional gatherings, or Winter Kallah! This Fall Kallah, I made many new friends, gained more knowledge on several topics, and connected more to Judaism through amazing services.”

Erica told us how amazing Fall Kallah truly was. It was filled with fun, learning, and new Jewish experiences. We are so excited to see you at Winter Kallah!!

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