Blog  Join the NFTY-GER Regional Board 5778-5779

Join the NFTY-GER Regional Board 5778-5779

“It is not the position that honors the person, but rather the person that honors the position” -Taanit 21b

After Elections, the position of Recruitment Vice President (RVP) remained open. The NFTY-GER Constitution states that, “If any Executive Board position is vacant, a special election of the Executive Board shall be held to fill the position.” The regional board will be accepting applications to fill the position of RVP. Of those who apply, a vote will be held by the current board, and their nominee will be approved by the incoming board. This will ensure that the region has the best possible leadership for 5778-5779.

To officially apply for NFTY-GER Recruitment Vice President,  submit the RVP Application, in one complete email, no later than March 20th to Melo.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Adam.