Blog  Become a NFTY-GER leader: Apply for Cabinet!

Become a NFTY-GER leader: Apply for Cabinet!

Thank you for your interest in applying for the NFTY-GER Cabinet! This packet will walk you through the Cabinet application process as well as what it’s like to be a Cabinet member throughout the year. It should help you decide if being on Cabinet is right for you, and if so, which positions are your best fit.

Being on Cabinet is a big responsibility. It requires a significant time commitment, a willingness to work with others, and an ability to self-motivate. Cabinet members assist in recruiting, making announcements, serving as role models to the entire region, and much more. Each Cabinet member has a Regional Board liaison to oversee them throughout the year. You will work with your liaison on position-specific responsibilities and should keep in close contact with them through email, text, video call, etc. Being a Cabinet member is a year-long commitment. Please take the time to talk with your parents, as well as your youth group advisor or rabbi, about the commitment necessary for Cabinet members and then upload a signed copy of the Consent Form (found at the end of this packet) to your application.

The online Cabinet application can be found here. On it, you will find general questions for every applicant as well as questions specific to the position for which you choose to apply. The descriptions of each position, the Regional Board liaison they report to, and the approximate number of people per position can all be found in this packet. You will have the option of picking a drop-down position should you not be chosen to fill your first choice. The application is due no later than Thursday May 17th. If you have any questions concerning Cabinet or the application process, please reach out to Melo Taylor, NFTY-GER Director of Youth Engagement, at

The structure of the Cabinet can change from year to year. Please be aware that not everyone who applies to be on the Cabinet receives a position and those who do, don’t always receive their first choice. No matter what, you have a place in NFTY-GER and its leadership. We commend you on taking this step in your NFTY experience, and we look forward to working with you in the year ahead!