Blog  Introducing the Candidates for 2019-20 NFTY-GER Regional Board

Introducing the Candidates for 2019-20 NFTY-GER Regional Board

Candidates for President

Caroline McKinnon is a junior from Wyckoff, New Jersey. She has participated in Heller High and UMC, has served as co-RCVP and NFTY liaison on her TYG’s board, and was NFTY-GER’s Recruitment Vice President this year. In her free time, Caroline enjoys hanging out with her cats, baking, and discovering new music. She is honored to be considered as NFTY-GER’s president for 5779-5780, and cannot wait for the amazing year ahead!

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Candidates for Programming Vice President (PVP)

Liam Klass is a sophomore from sunny Marlboro, NJ and is thrilled to declare his candidacy for Programming Vice President. Liam is currently serving as the Programming Vice President for his temple youth group, RTSY, and as the NFTY678 Liaison on the NFTY-GER Cabinet. He is also a proud UMC alum. When not at NFTY events, Liam enjoys riding his bike, playing tennis, eating macaroni and cheese, and spending time with family and friends.

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Candidates for Social Action Vice President (SAVP)

Zohar is a sophomore from Marlboro, NJ and is very excited to announce her candidacy as Social Action Vice President! This past year she has served as the region’s Social Action Chair on Cabinet and has two years of TYG experience, one as President. Zohar is an alumnus of the URJ Kutz Camp’s Action and Advocacy Immersive, and when not talking about Kutz, Zohar loves to bake with her mom and pet dogs.

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Candidates for Religious & Cultural Vice President (RCVP)

I’m Molly Gorman, a junior at BATY. For the past two years, I have served as a songleader on NFTY GER’s regional cabinet. I also songlead for various congregations nearby. I spend my summers at Eisner Camp, and was lucky enough to travel to Israel with my friends this past summer. In my free time, I like to play field hockey, listen to music, and watch bad movies (my favorite being Christian Mingle).

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Sam Lynn is a sophomore at Morristown High School. He is a guitar player with a passion for music and NFTY. Sam participated in the songleading major and Torah Corps immersive at Kutz camp. Sam Lynn loves to be called by his first and last name because it rolls off of the tongue nicely. Some of Sam's friends say that “He could schmooze with a wall.” He would love to schmooze with you too.

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Candidates for Membership Vice President (MVP)

Matt Goralnick is  a junior in high school at Bridgewater Raritan. He has been in NFTY since his freshman year. Last year Matt served as the NFTY-GER communications vice president last year and loved it. He is an avid basketball fan and loves the Boston Celtics. Matt was born in Boston, Massachusetts and also enjoys playing basketball, hanging out with my friends and watching sports.

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Candidates for Recruitment Vice President (RVP)

My name is Ezri Abraham and I am a sophomore at Scotch Plains High School. I enjoy scuba diving, origami, and playing the drums. I am currently NFTY-GER’s Technology Chair and Percussion Songleader and I have attended both URJ Eisner Camp for 11 years and URJ Six Points Sci-Tech for five years. I am also a Boy Scout and a member of JSA and my school’s jazz band.

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Rebecca Wycoff is a sophomore from Jackson, New Jersey. Rebecca is proud to announce that she will be running for Recruitment Vice President. She is currently the Membership Vice President for her TYG, YOSHE. Becca also attended URJ Camp Harlam for the past two years. When not at NFTY, she can be found either on stage, or helping out backstage. Becca also loves her dog, crocs, scrunchies, and nalgenes.

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Candidates for Financial Vice President (FVP)


Candidates for Communications Vice President (CVP)

Robin Falkow is a sophomore from Ramsey, NJ and is thrilled to announce her candidacy for Communications Vice President. From the northern TYG BHSSTY, Robin has held position of Membership and Communications Vice President since 2017. At NFTY events, Robin can always be found with a camera as one of the region’s yearbook chairs! Besides photography, Robin loves to bake, play with her dogs, Maverick and Goose, and spend time with camp and NFTY friends.

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