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Join a NFTY-GER Committee!

Hi everyone! My name is Caroline McKinnon, and I am NFTY-GER President this year. Part of my goal for this year was to restructure our leadership team. Part of this means redefining what committees mean in NFTY-GER. This year, we are offering 5 different and unique committees! They are as follows…

  • Taste of NFTY Committee- work with our Recruitment Vice President, Rebecca Wycoff, and help plan and run the 678 Taste of NFTY event in December
  • Programming Committee- work with our Programming Vice President, Liam Klass, on programs and learn how to be a program leader
  • Social Action Committee- work with our Social Action Vice President, Zohar Grinvald, on year-round local and regional social action opportunities
  • Songleading Committee- work with our Religious and Cultural Vice President, Molly Gorman, and our regional songleading chair to help lead services and religious moments at regional events
  • Service Writing Committee- work with our Religious and Cultural Vice President, Molly Gorman, and our regional service writing chair to help write, create, and plan services and religious moments at regional events

You are able to join as many as you would like, and require limited time outside of events. This is perfect for someone who wants to be more involved within the region, have a leadership role with less commitment, or just meet new people with similar interests at and before events. You will be signing up to be available for the committee for the whole school year. (Excluding TON, see below.) If any of these things apply to you, please sign up for a committee as soon as possible!

For those interested in TON committee, it requires more of a commitment outside of events, but allows you to act as a board member for our 678 event December 6-8, 2019. There will be a TON meeting on Nov 24, 2019. You must be available for the meeting and weekend of TON, and get excited for the best weekend ever!

We invite all of those interested in taking on a leadership role in the region to apply for our NFTY-GER Committees! Committees are a way for you to work with the Regional Board in an area of your passion at our regional events. Before beginning your online committee application, be sure to download the Committee Consent Form and acquire the required signatures.

I am so excited to expand our leadership team and work with you in NFTY-GER this year!