Blog  NFTY-GER’s Influencer Codes

NFTY-GER’s Influencer Codes

When registering for an event, did you wonder what those “influencer codes” were all about? These influencers are members of NFTY-GER who help spread the word about different NFTY-GER events by talking to friends, Temple Youth Groups, and also by posting on social media! 

Influencers are given a code that participants can use during event registration. Participants who register with the code will receive a thank you gift from the influencer at the event the code was used for. This could be a sticker, candy, bracelets, or something else that’s small, fun, or homemade. As an influencer, each time their code is used, the influencer gets closer to earning a reward. These rewards can range from a Starbucks drink at a weekend kallah to 50% off of an event! Influencers agree to the NFTY-GER influencer policy for all their online accounts and use their social media presence to recruit participants to NFTY events. Influencers have an important role in recruiting members for the region. 

If you are interested in becoming a NFTY-GER Influencer, contact for more information!