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Submit Amendments for Winter Kallah Asefah

Hey you! Yes, YOU! Is there something you want to update or amend in our region’s legislation? Now is your chance! If you have an update for our regional legislation, please email it to by December 19, 2019 with your resolution and/or amendment. It can be anything from changing the NFTY-GER Constitution, or granting someone a lifetime membership award from NFTY-GER! If you have any questions about writing resolutions/amendments, need clarification, or help with formatting, please email me, Caroline McKinnon, at before the deadline.

Please see our legislation template to help you with formatting your legislation, and this former piece of legislation as an example. When sending your final legislation, please attach it as a Word document.

We are looking forward to seeing your ideas to help improve our region!

Caroline McKinnon
NFTY-GER President, 5779-5780