Blog  Liam’s Leadership Lessons: Chapter 3 – Creative Service Planning

Liam’s Leadership Lessons: Chapter 3 – Creative Service Planning

Hey y’all! It’s Liam Klass, your Programming Vice President! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season full of cheer, latkes, gift giving and receiving, and sleeping in! I am excited to see how we grow and thrive in this new year and new decade! I was also pumped to see you all at URJ Camp Harlam this past weekend, January 10th-12th! I enjoyed creating memories with you all through programming and creative services.

Anyways, today we will explore the tremendous opportunities of service writing! NFTY-GER services have allowed me to create many lasting memories with my friends. I have come to appreciate the meaningful work that goes into each song session, each havdallah, and each musical moment our community shares together.

One of my favorite NFTY-GER havdallot was at last year’s Taste of NFTY. The energy our region gave off as we sang to “Lo Yisa Goy” and “Eliyahu Hanavi” could not be matched. As I looked around the room at all of the grinning faces, I knew our region was in good hands. I was sitting in the midst of future NFTY-GER leaders, people who would lead the region once I graduate. YOU can create these special moments for your congregation, youth group, or community.

Below are three different service outlines that you can use to put together a creative service! These are just basic outlines: many people pick a central theme and create their service based on the theme. Feel free to add in special activities, songs, or other thematic aids to make your service the best it can be! Whether it be playing peppa pig songs for a Peppa themed service, or dressing up like sea creatures for an Under the Sea havdallah, the world of service planning has endless possibilities!

Torah Service Outline

Morning Service Outline

Havdallah Service Outline

For your reference, here are some outlines of past NFTY-GER creative services that you may have seen. They are organized by prayer along with any other important information (the melody, key, and choreography). Some of the more intricate outlines also have an Appendix if there are other activities or information that does not belong in the prayer table.

NFTY-GER Broadway Creative Service

NFTY-GER Camp Style Service

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to Molly Gorman, NFTY-GER Religious and Cultural Vice President, at, or me, your NFTY-GER Programming Vice President, at

Liam Klass
NFTY-GER Programming Vice President 5779-5780