Blog  Introducing the Candidates for 5780-5781 NFTY-GER Regional Board

Introducing the Candidates for 5780-5781 NFTY-GER Regional Board

Listed below are the candidates for the upcoming NFTY-GER Regional Board Elections. If you aren't registered already, sign up today and join us on Sunday, March 22 at Barnert Temple in Franklin Lakes, NJ and help decide the future direction for our region!

Candidates for President

Liam Klass is a junior from Marlboro, NJ and is excited to declare his candidacy to serve as NFTY-GER President. Liam has served two years on his TYG’s board, as the NFTY 678 Chair on the regional cabinet, and most recently as NFTY-GER’s Programming Vice President. Outside of NFTY, Liam is a member of his school’s National Honor Society and can be found eating sushi with friends, playing video games, or working at Frutta Bowls.

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Robin Falkow is a junior from Ramsey, NJ and is honored to be considered for the position of President! In the past few years, Robin has served on the board of her TYG, the NFTY-GER Cabinet, and most recently, on Regional Board as the Communications Vice President this past year. When not at NFTY events, Robin can be found with a camera in hand practicing photography, playing with her dogs, or baking in the kitchen.

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Candidates for Programming Vice President (PVP)

Elianna Perlman is a sophomore from South Orange, NJ. She served as a Program Coordinator on NFTY-GER Cabinet this year and is very involved in the Jewish community both in and out of NFTY. She spent four summers at URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy and will be going to Israel this summer with Diller Teen Fellows. In her free time, Elianna can be found reading, listening to music, embroidering, or hanging out with her friends.

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Aiden D'Antonio is a sophomore from Middletown, New Jersey. He is currently 15 years old. He became an Eagle Scout at the age of 13 and is currently the senior most member of his troop’s youth staff as Senior Patrol Leader. Presently, he is serving on Cabinet as a Programming Coordinator and is a member of his TYG board. He enjoys playing soccer and volleyball and can always be found hanging out with his friends.

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Candidates for Social Action Vice President (SAVP)

Jadyn Turner is a sophomore at Nyack High School. She is proud to announce her candidacy for NFTY-GER Social Action Vice President. This past year Jadyn has had the pleasure of serving as ReTRo President, and NFTY-GER Social Action Chair. Outside of NFTY, Jadyn is the Students Demand Action Rockland chapter lead and President of Make Our Schools Safe Dream Team at her school. In her free time, Jadyn enjoys playing field hockey, and reading.

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Zohar Grinvald is a junior currently serving as NFTY-GER's Social Action Vice President, and is very excited to redeclare her candidacy for the best position on board! As an alumna of Kutz, Urban Mitzvah Corps, and L'taken, her favorite part about the pursuit of justice is just how multifaceted it can be! Outside of NFTY, Zohar can be found emailing her favorite teachers, volunteering at her community garden, drinking tea, or watching Mrs. Maisel.

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Candidates for Religious & Cultural Vice President (RCVP)


Candidates for Membership Vice President (MVP)

Heather Romoff is a junior, from Suffern, NY and is proud to announce her candidacy for Membership Vice President. She takes part in the BHSSTY board and is NFTY-GER Yearbook Chair. In her free time, Heather enjoys playing softball, tap dancing, and hanging out with her friends. She can always be seen with a smile on her face and a positive attitude.

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Lindsay Jacobs is a sophomore from Manalapan, NJ and is thrilled to be announcing her candidacy for Membership Vice President! Lindsay is currently the 678 chair on Cabinet, the Membership/Communications Vice President of her TYG board, and was previously the NFTY representative of the YOSHE board. When not talking about NFTY, Lindsay can be found talking about her summers spent at URJ Camp Harlam, playing field hockey or lacrosse, and hanging out with friends.

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Candidates for Recruitment Vice President (RVP)


Candidates for Financial Vice President (FVP)

Nathan Perlman is a sophomore from South Orange, NJ. He is delighted to declare his candidacy for Financial Vice President. This past year, Nathan has served as the Financial Vice President for his temple youth group, STISY. In addition, he has served as the Fundraising Chair and the Shuk Manager on the NFTY-GER Cabinet. Nathan is also ecstatic to be participating in Urban Mitzvah Corps this summer.

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Candidates for Communications Vice President (CVP)

Raina Lambert is a junior at Ocean Township High School and is proud to announce her candidacy for Communications Vice President. She has spent three years at URJ Camp Harlam and plans on attending as a CIT this upcoming summer. She also served as her TYG, SALTY’s co-president in the 5778-5779 year. When she’s not behind her camera, Raina enjoys hanging out with her friends, going to the beach, and swimming for her school’s team.

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