Blog  Liam’s Leadership Lessons: Chapter 5 – Communication is Key!

Liam’s Leadership Lessons: Chapter 5 – Communication is Key!

Hi friends! Welcome back to Liam’s Leadership Lessons! In this chapter, we will be reviewing how communications play a big role in Temple Youth Group (TYG) leadership. Members must be notified about a TYG’s events, dinners, and community service opportunities, but how? There are many ways that TYGs communicate. Whether it be by social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), text messages (Remind 101), email, or any other forms of mass communication, TYGs are able to share important information regarding upcoming events. Two important jobs that TYG Communications Vice Presidents maintain include creating flyers and marketing for their TYG.

One way of promoting an event is through a flyer. Flyers usually include aesthetically pleasing fonts, colors and pictures to grab the eyes of a reader. They also provide members with the opportunity to learn more about the event before registering. They usually include the organization that is hosting the event, what the event is, where the event will be held, the date and time frame for the event, the fee (if any), the registration deadline(s), and any other important information regarding the procedure of the event. Many times, flyers are fun to make and add an element of excitement when leading up to an event. They’re often posted on social media at least two to four weeks prior to an event.

The NFTY-GER CVP, Robin Falkow, has created a multitude of flyers for regional events this year. I’ve included one below that has all of the necessary aspects a flyer should include.

This flyer answers many of the Frequently Asked Questions teens may have before registering (usually the who, what, where, when, and why of the event). Using this flyer, teens can learn about the common themes of Winter Kallah, when the event will take place, where the event will take place, registration deadlines, who the event is catered towards, the website used to register, and the common hashtag used at the event.

Aside from making flyers, it is crucial that Temple Youth Groups use effective methods of marketing their TYGs. TYGs can pick and choose which techniques they feel will best fit their needs. Some ways to market your TYG include:

  • Creating a phone tree
  • Pushing TYG events on social media
  • Pushing TYG events during religious school or other temple activities
  • Providing an “early bird” period in which event fees are less to encourage teens to register
  • Giving teens a discount for bringing a friend

All in all, the world of communications can many times be overwhelming. The ability to be vulnerable and put yourself out of your comfort zone to promote your TYG can be a very scary, yet rewarding, experience. Though, when you get those creative juices flowing through your body, and promote for events that you’re passionate about, it pays off when you see new and returning faces at events. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to Robin Falkow, NFTY-GER Communications Vice President, at, or me, your NFTY-GER Programming Vice President, at

Liam Klass
NFTY-GER Programming Vice President 5779-5780