Blog  Virtual MaGERzine – Spring Kallah 2020

Virtual MaGERzine – Spring Kallah 2020

Hey NFTY-GER! Welcome to the Spring MaGERzine! At Winter Kallah, the region passed a resolution to commit to more sustainable actions. Since then, we decided that having a Virtual MaGERzine would be a great place to start. I have had so much fun working on this and I am so excited to share it with you!

Enjoy! - Robin Falkow, NFTY-GER Communications VP 5779-5780

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I, Micah Abrams, of the NFTY-GER class of 2020, herby leave the following to:

Ezri Abraham: May you some day learn to play guitar or an different stringed instrument, all of my songleaderness, the lateness on zoom calls, the songleader gossip, and the friendship. Micah S-B: I take my name as I am the better Micah and leave with you the memories of joining GER, ginger ale, the gus bus, and the evil of being a ginger President Caroline McKinnon can share that with you. UMC ’19 alum (particularly Steiner): I leave the UMC shouting, Breaking Free Singing and irreverent talent show singing to you, To whoever will take my terrible talent show standup I leave that to you. Levi: I’m still looking for whatever you took from me at winter Caveda. To any future NFTY-GER Songleader you will eventually learn the chords to Havdalah, don’t plan a service with songs you can’t find the chords to, and keep music especially Leavin on a Jet Plane alive in the region. NFTY-GER: I thank you for the memories, the love, the music, and the friendship. I wished I had joined this region sooner. May it and its stupid GER puns last forever and ever.


I, Max Bordman, hereby leave the following to:

Ezri Abraham: memories from Eisner, annoying you, finally giving you the slideshows for song session, messing your name up in the beginning, a candle. Micah S-B: asking you to get me stuff from Israel, GINGER, me trying to mic your ukulele. Aidan Kleinman: the time you married Sarah and Brooke and I messed it up, FLOTY Board, FLOTY Board Bonding, carpooling, school. Molly Gorman: Eisner, last minute work, all the pictures you asked me to take with you, you were my “boss”. Lindsay Jacobs: Convention, thinking you were related to Rick Jacobs, a candle. Anyone who has roomed with me: my bag full of snacks, me going crazy at times, passing out before the fun began, saying I am going to pull an all nighter...then falling asleep 2 minutes in. Tech Chair 5780-5781: all my experience, all my slideshows and notes, the hope that your year will be better than mine. Ben(my little): our first encounter of you asking me to help you find your big a.k.a me, forgetting you when you text me once a year, showing you the ropes, a candle, me never getting tired of you. Jacob Schinder: me and your brother messing with you, making sure you are alright during events, that one time you tried to go to camp. Cabinet of 5778-5779: me annoying your for pictures, slideshow, running around to make all your tech needs go away. All Seniors: Covid-19 ruining the rest of our year, all our memories, leaning on one another. NFTY-GER: all my love, hope that the years to come will be better, losing kutz, dead frogs, spring at Harlam. Anyone I Missed: my love, memories, friendship, trust, and the fact that you were/are/and forever will be my home and family no matter what.


I, Ethan Caveda, hereby leave the following to: 

Ben Sammut: The hair, that blackmail picture from that one FaceTime, Council of Champions (Hoo-Rah), I’m not a Buddhist, The Ben Sammut Fan Club. Aiden D’Antonio: Kung Fu Panda, Pasta, Ukulele Jam Sessions, Dragon Warrior. Lindsay Jacobs: Your Grey’s Anatomy Addiction and That Time you Roasted me. Sadie Kawut: We are Robots and Vibing to Music. Raina Lambert: Quesadillas and the Quesadilla Song. Andrew Steiner: Winning in the Winter Football Game and “Hey you should do UMC”. Erinn Rebuun: Getting mad at me during Asefah and SHATY. Robin Falkow: Rigatoni Robin and Pasta. Max Auerbach: Taking my sister’s car, getting Halal, Dumb NBA Interview Questions. Ezra Lambert: Letting me Borrow your 80’s Glasses at Fall (Thanks Again). NFTY-GER: There’s definitely a lot of awesome people that I forgot to mention individually, but I hope you know that every one of you holds a special place in my heart. You all gave me a sense of community and belonging beyond any that I’ve felt before. Thank you and goodbye.


I, Adam Forman, hereby leave the following to:

Spring Kallah 2019: Why are there so many dead frogs? He’s only 20!!! NFTY-GER: As many of you may know, I have been to only five of these seasonal NFTY-GER kallah events, and I have come to learn many wonderful things. One, whether you are here since the beginning or you started your senior year, everyone wants to be friends and have fun. To come to NFTY is imperative to being Jewish, and coming out of every kallah, you always are ready to go back. You never want to leave. You make such special connections with those in NFTY and it’s impressive. What I really want to get across is the fact that NFTY-GER has changed my life socially. I have made so many friends who I will do my absolute best to stay in touch with as much as possible. And with this and for NFTY, Thank you for all of the wonderful memories and connections, for they truly have meant so much for me.


I, Jacob Gerbman, hereby leave the following to:

NFTY-GER: It has been amazing being a part of such an amazing group. There are so many things that I will take with me from my experiences here as I now move on to the next stage of my life. Jeez, that's a frightening thought, I'm going to college next year. Sometimes I wonder if I'm ready. However, if there's one thing I do know, it's that I'll still always have the many amazing memories in and friendships I've made in GER and beyond throughout my high school career. I'll always remember belting out "LET NATIONS'' on the last night of every Kallah. I'll always remember the Talent shows, and those nights we would stay as long as we wanted. I'll always remember those long bus rides where we pretended to watch movies, but just talked the entire time. I'll remember long text conversations and late night Facetimes I had with people I met thanks to NFTY. I'll remember the first and last times I got a candle. I'll be the first and last time I fell in love with somebody, which was at a NFTY event. I'll remember when I hung out with girl board at winter Kallah my Sophomore year. I'll remember my last event, thinking at the time it wasn't going to be my last one, but feeling like it was; who knew my feelings could tell the future apparently. Anyways, you get the point. I'm going to really miss experiences like these, but hey, at least I got to experience them. As the old saying goes, don't cry because it's over, but smile because it happened, and boy am I smiling from ear to ear.


I, Matt Goralnick, hereby leave the following to:

Liam Klass: OBNOB, UMC, Crazy Cards @1 with billy, is it a mop closet or a women’s bathroom?, Long ft calls, Tiger, EBW @ Robins and lots of other great times. Zohar Grinvald: Fall Kallah, First ever social action off-site, I have a family beach house, well kinda, ok it’s not my beach house it’s our cousins. Caroline McKinnon: 2 termz, UMC, Kutz, the best handshake ever, lots of great memories, better than Sarah but not better than Mark. Robin Falkow: CVP greatness, legacy, first CVP->Prez, best of luck next year. Dakota Lord: Toilet Fishing, bro brb. Heather Romoff: The talk on the porch, long ft calls, my successor, you’re going to do great. Raina Lambert & Sadie Kawut: 2 of my first ever friends, fun hangouts at the beach, good times. Andrew Steiner: He’s only 20.


I, Molly Gorman, hereby leave the following to:

Caroline McKinnon, thanks for making me do board, old pie, freezer burn, ok worm, i lobe you, so glad we made it through this, to many more car rides and ‘club can't handle me’s. Becca Wycoff, my love for NFTY, the Be Show, Webkinz, what is going on here, chaos, actual chaos, enjoy next year. Shayna Friedman, my friendship with Mitchell, probably other things but I forget them all, don’t have too much fun without me. Robin Falkow, Mr. Shoe, the context, the meaning of bleedo, board, the bracelet I’m mailing you, vibes, working together, verbs, and all the havdalah memes you made for me. Liam Klass, you are awesome. Zohar Grinvald, you are also awesome, never change, you rock, never forget Mechina. Ezri Abraham, my king, origami shapes, you are going to do great things. Songleaders, love you all, stay crazy, please stop playing guitar on zoom calls David. Old Board (?), we did it, love you all, couldn’t have this any other way, thanks for putting up with me. My successor, you will do amazing things I’m sure, good luck, but don’t contact me. New Board, you’re in for a wild ride, hope you all know what you signed up for, stay crazy keep it fun. NFTY-GER, please stop mentioning the egg shaker, it’s old, i don’t like it, don’t let that be my legacy. Thank you all and goodnight. 


I, Jack Haftel, hereby leave it all to Andrew Steiner. I love you buddy and keep being you.


I, Hope Hershman, hereby leave the following to:

Jaiden Price: the curls mask the grease, Ilana’s Berry Crumble, hugs, the best hair, college acceptances, visiting each other at college, Binghamton University. Liam Klass: D’vash the giant bear, Indian food at the mall, veganized mushrooms, comforting hugs, mommy pig: OINK, tickles, I love you so much, NO TIPS. Zohar Grinvald: Social action goddess, perseverance and love of social justice, UMC ‘19, tikkun olam, Mr. Grimes, Zionism. Rachel Stern: Very good 🙂 yessir, Ilana’s Berry Crumble, UMC ‘19, shared Netflix accounts, Doctor Hopeless, MOMANIE NO! hair queen, honey, I love you but you’re never driving me again, you have a needle in your face, unconditional love, wanna get food? Zach Baron: Leadership skills, the mindset to change the world. Nansi Clark: Bumble going to Camp Harlam, Ilana’s Berry crumble, I’m your big now, continue the family lineage, confidence in who you are. Adam Forman: Video game concepts, all the hoes, 3 am facetime, apply to 2 colleges, University of Albany. Connor Marvin: A thousand jump scares, bear hugs, adoptive mother. Elianna Perlman: Ability to effectively voice opinions, convention memories, unconditional love. Nathan Perlman: Convention memories, Blueberry scones, Confidence for the future. Jadyn Turner: Veganism, my passion for helping others, a thousand smiles. Matt Goralnick: The best hair, luck for your future, University of Rhode Island. NFTY-GER: All my love and support, why are there so many dead frogs 🙁 ? do you hear something? better food, Peppa pig, what? I’m sorry? Kehillah Chair 5778-5780, free time activity participants, memes, no tears. 

 P.S. Come visit me/send me letters at Goucher College 🙂


I, Caroline McKinnon, hereby bequeath the following to:

Robin Falkow: NFTY-GER, cookie runs, going to Matthew’s diner, Marshalls, womp, egg, long car ride playlists, ice cream dates, goldberg’s bagels, my first time at Moe’s, blondies, being zoom host, the gavel, all of my love.​ Molly Gorman: Egg shakers with your face on them, madame lambchop, making you run for board, narcissism, snoopy wearing a wig, what’s gibby thinking about, mdw, grad parties, my roof, lobe, temporary tattoos, Montclair bookstore. Zohar Grinvald: That one Target run, GERdening, our love of Kutz, breakdowns, that one picture of us from fall, all of the hugs, homemade lemonade, rip your blizzard, Barak doing a tik tok at your house. ​Liam Klass​: Program format, Dinosaur Eyelids, yelling at one another at LEAD, fergalicious, our first program at UMC, UMC ‘18, my right hand man 2 years in a row, that’s so silly, my endless love and support. Becca Wyc(k)off: Almost having the same name as my town, recruit yo self, drama with Emma, probably crying, having migraines, crocs, the og vsco girl, Broadway, all of the laughs and hugs. Dakota Lord: UMC ‘18, Kutz ‘19, hammock time, stealing your sweatshirt, nug day, john lennon sunglasses, kutz photoshoots, fishing, da bois. Matt Goralnick: Stealing your hat, UMC ‘18, Kutz ‘19, planes that one time, minute maid lemonade, the handshake. Shayna Friedman: Gingerness, you’re funny but don’t let it get to your head, xoxo. Max Auerbach: That one time you got us locked out. Jaiden Price: The sweetest angel human ever don’t ever change. Sadie Kawut: You’re a star love you. GERl Board: never doing the stamps, the superior talent show act, monopoly: feminist edition, bleedo, the best board meeting, the cutest cuddle puddle pictures. Regbo 19-20: You’ve all shaped me into who I am today and I love you all immensely, chaos reigns. NFTY class of 2024: You all inspire me to do better, your drive and love for this region is what keeps it alive and I’m so excited to see what you all do with this amazing community. New Board: I am so excited for each and every one of you, you’re about to experience the best and craziest time of your life— cherish it. NFTY-GER: Thank you for this, it’s been an honor. Peace out NFTY


I, Jaiden Price, hereby leave the following to:

Liam Klass: my whole heart, MiGrAnE MaGicIaN, 24 cents, Paula Deen's Butter Wranglers, Porta Pizza, Susan's jello, Latkes, Lizzo, turmeric potatoes, Screaming Tourists (EKOOAH), encouraging texts, bowling balls, juggling balls, Hope Gods (and her cantor), the title of being an incredible leader/ friend (you AmAzE mE), Peppa the pig, face masks, Ellen DeGeneres. Hope Hershman: endless hugs, vegan muffins, pineapple 80s wear, and all the dogs of the world. Hope Hershman and Liam Klass: my gratitude for welcoming me into NFTY and becoming my best friends, gas money to visit me in college, and an inhaler (for when we laugh so hard we cannot breathe). Rachel Stern, Hope Hershman, and Nansi Clark: my retainers, orthotic shoulder pads, Wass Fam, frogs, lots of love, green grapes, and all of my kitties. Elianna Pearlman, Abby Glick, and Paige Lieberman: our beautiful family tree. Robin Fallow: Spooey, Little Red's Cape, and Tarantulas Zohar Grinvald: blundstones, 46 Bowen Road, and the power to change the world. Elianna and Nathan Pearlman: the title of the most amazing twins ever. Elianna Pearlman: my encouragement, hugs, our cherished late night convos, and love. GER Friends of Kutz '19: Ella Dreskin (G-D Is a wOmAn), Geese, the game (oops lost it), 46 Bowen Road, Coco Program Papers. Matt Goralnick and Ethan Caveda: Gabe's beard, Fish-O- Fillet, and Zach Herman's golden ponytail. Matt Goralnick: Picasso Portraits and sick rap bars. Micah Schachet-Briskin: the entire soundtrack of Seussical, Adam's Family, and Rent. Dakota Lord: the basketball from our game (that I definitely would have won). Micah Schachet-Briskin, and Micah Abrams: unlimited broadway show tickets and the privilege of spontaneous show tune outbursts. Adam Forman: Great Danes and successful computer programs. Max Auerbach and Zohar Grinvald: keeping Kutz's spirit alive Aiden D'Antonio: the Backstreet Boys and the power to change the region with positivity. Lindsay Jacobs: the title of best hugger and the grape juice from Rutgers Hillel. Heather Romoff: a booster seat (so you don't fall out of your chair on the bus). Erin Rebhunn: A Dan Nichols private concert Raina Lambert: only the best quality for your promo videos. Shayna Friedman, Rebecca Wycoff, Max Auerbach, Harlamites: keeping Harlam's spirit and traditions alive in our region. New Member Chair Elect: endless supplies and love. Seniors: best wishes for your bright future and all of my love. Underclassmen: years of happiness, fun memories, Jewish pride, enriching leadership opportunities, and lifelong friendship. Barak and NFTY Adults: many years of inspiring future leaders. NFTY- GER: my heart, love, friendship, and encouragement (you guys are the beautiful and handsome faces of our future!!!!!!) <3 L'dor V'dor, NFTY-GER!! I believe in you <3


I, Micah Schachet-Briskin, hereby bequeath the following to:

Jacob Levin references nobody will get, ukulele hype, constant show promotion, unbridled confidence, Musical Soul Mate Candle. Raina Lambert Fun Sized Candle, spooey, tu-tus David Mallinger You’re My Cherry Pie Candle, rocking out at 3 am, The Basies. Andrew Steiner you are my fire, he’s only 20, king of UMC recruitment. Liam Klass being incredibly fabulous, Fergalicious, Kutz part 1. Zohar Grinvald Stranger Things, shul-ins, purple team, Kutz part 2. Aiden D’antonio Man-Crush Candle, NFTY-GER’s next top model, Vibe Train Conductor. Jacob Shinder Jew-fro, best hugs in GER, bruh Hannah Lustig our marriage, awkward prom poses, meme queen. Ezri Abraham pomelo, being the King of NFTY Convention, The Wings, airports on Valentines Day, Buckaroo Banzai, Dayeinu. NFTY-GER 4 incredible years, the correct pronunciation of ha-gee-GAH, my left shoe, singing at the top of our lungs, graphic design critiquing, LET NATIONS, and all my love. Thank you all.

GER8est Stars!

In this edition of the MaGERzine, we wanted to start featuring members of our region who have accomplished great things this year! This issue, we are highlighting, Jacob Shinder! Read more about why he is passionate about NFTY-GER and what he has done in the region this year! 

Jacob Shinder Since joining the songleading committee this year, Jacob has displayed both passion and talent for songleading and participating in events. He is eager to learn and contribute to both the songleading committee and at events, exemplifying the traits of a dedicated leader and NFTY participant. Jacob volunteered to work as a member of the Taste of NFTY committee this past year. After planning and attending the event, Jacob returned to the songleaders with a renewed passion for NFTY. He is well deserving of this award and shows incredible promise for the future! Jacob adds, "To all of NFTY GER, I love you all and am glad to know this community. NFTY has been part of my family forever and I’m proud to carry the torch for my family. NFTY GER, we’re friends ‘till the end."



Shoutout to ToSTY (Temple Shalom in Aberdeen, NJ) for their recruitment efforts and participation this year! After hosting NFTy-GER's Fall Kallah, ToSTY has doubled their regional Kallah attendance this year! Kol Hakavod!


After serving as Advisor for SVFTY for 14 years, ReTRO for 5 years, and being a mentor to the teens of our NFTY-GER Region throughout, I am happy to share that Elise Lehrman was granted Lifetime NFTY-GER Membership at this weekend's Asefah. She has attended more than 175 TYG events, over 85 regional events, and attended numerous North American conferences. She has been photographer, the med bag lady, and a mommy to many.

The region is so proud to award Elise with this honor. We love you, Elise!


Fun Facts

If you haven’t already had the chance to meet them, NFTY-GER has two wonderful mascots: Gertrude the Geraffe and Gerard the Gerilla! Giraffes and Gorillas are very interesting animals, so here are some fun facts about them:

  1. The neck of a giraffe is made of only 7 bones!
  2. Do giraffes make noise? Yes, they actually do! Sometimes giraffes hum, snort, or grunt.
  3. The closest relative to giraffes are okapis, an animal that looks similar to zebras.
  4. A group of giraffes is called a herd or a tower.
  5. Giraffes have the biggest heart of any land mammal (maybe that’s why we picked it to be our mascot)!

  1. Gorillas are the world’s largest primate; male gorillas have an average weight of around 315-375 pounds and height of 4.5-6 feet (but Gerard is only 12 inches).
  2. Gorillas sleep in nests they make on the ground or in trees.
  3. Just like humans, gorillas have fingerprints.
  4. Many large fruit trees depend on gorillas to survive because they help with seed dispersal.
  5. Gorillas are very intelligent animals and are very skilled in communication! Side note: the Communications Vice President carries around Gertrude, see a connection?


Robin’s Blondies

  • 1-1/2 cups packed brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted
  • 2 large eggs, lightly beaten, room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

Recipe from:


Buchman’s Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffins

  • 2 apples
  • 2 egg
  • 1 cup full-fat greek yogurt
  • ⅓ cup honey
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 ½ cup rolled oats
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • Optional Toppings:
    • ¼ cup blueberry, as desired
    • ¾ cup dried cranberries, as desired
    • sliced almonds, as desired
    • raspberries, as desired

Submitted by Steven Buchman

Recipe from

NFTY-GER Memes from the Year


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