Blog  NFTY-GER Elections packet for 2022-23

NFTY-GER Elections packet for 2022-23

NFTY-GER Regional Board Elections Packet 22-23

Elections Packet

2022-2023 | 5782-5783

NFTY-GER Regional Board

Important Information:

  • Election materials will be due for all candidates by Thursday, March 24, 2022.
  • Elections for 2022-2023 will be conducted via application, with candidates selected by the current Regional Board.
  • All candidates will be notified of their position by the end of the day on Saturday, March 26, 2022.
  • Directions for candidates, including details about recording speeches, are included in this document.
  • A ​confirmation email will be sent to confirm that all the following forms and files have been received.
  • Online you will find: NFTY’s Brit Kehillah – Code of Conduct – There is an expectation that all board members will follow and uphold our NFTY Brit Kehillah.
  • Questions should be directed to: 


CANDIDATE CHECKLIST: the following items must be completed no later than Thursday, March 24, 2022.

  • Candidate Information Form, Contract and Counterpart Certification  
    • Before you begin this form, please have ready to upload:
      • Letter of Intent including your platform in .pdf format outlining your interest and qualifications for the position you are applying for
      • Biography  – 75 words or less  .pdf format
      • Digital photo of yourself – 1” wide by 2” high   150 dpi
    • Candidates may select two positions to be considered for
      • The position for which a candidate submits a letter of intent and pre-recorded speech should be the highest position in the gavel order
      • Candidates may submit a second video for their second “drop-down” position of interest
    • Before completing this form, please have a conversation with the current Regional President and/or the person currently holding the positions you are interested in. The president can connect you with the person currently holding the position.
  • Parent/Guardian Certification – email link to parent or guardian
  • A 2-3 minute recorded video speech explaining your interest and qualifications for the position you are applying for (a second video may be submitted for your “drop down” position)


Contact Information for 2021-2022 NFTY-GER Regional President

Elianna Perlman


Dear Candidate,

Mazel Tov on your decision to apply for a regional board position! You have already completed your first task as a candidate; deciding to take on a leadership role for the region. It is exciting to know that the future of the region lies in the hands of such an enthusiastic leader. It is important that you understand the many duties and obligations required of the Regional Board positions. All require dedication, a significant amount of your time, and a financial commitment. Please read over this material with your parent/guardian and your TYG advisor and discuss with them what serving on regional board will mean for you.

As a Regional Board member, you will be held to a higher standard than the other NFTYites. You will be expected to always follow and uphold the B’rit Kehillah during all NFTY programs, and failure to do so may result in removal from the regional board along with additional consequences. You are expected to set a good example at all TYG and regional events, North American events, and URJ summer programs. Your peers are the body of people who will vote you into office and they will hold you responsible for your actions and your duties.

In order to officially apply for office, you will need to send back the Regional Board Candidacy information form and contract. It is mandatory that you, your parent/guardian and your local advisor or your congregational Rabbi sign this contract, which will be in effect throughout your term. Your signature on the contract states that you understand the responsibilities associated with being on Regional Board and are willing to meet all expectations if elected. To be considered as a candidate, all election documents must be received by the deadline. The application process for Regional Board requires that you speak with the person currently holding any position for which you may run. This may seem like a lot of work just to run but remember that being on the regional board is a big responsibility. If you are unable to make this deadline, please take the time to consider if you will be able to juggle the demands of school, home, and NFTY.

I am looking forward to collaborating with you next year. The role of each board member will be very important as we continue to empower and engage Jewish teens in the East area. I have high expectations for all board members to maximize their potential as Jewish leaders for the future..

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have


Beth Garfinkle Hancock

NFTY East Area Teen Leadership Manager 


Dear Parent/Guardian,

You are receiving this letter because your child has decided to apply for a position on their NFTY regional board. It is exciting that they feel dedicated to a Jewish youth organization and want to explore their leadership potential!

I hope that your child has taken the time to discuss their decision with you. Making the decision to apply for a regional office is easy for some, and for others it is something that they consider at great length.  A regional board position requires a large commitment from any high school student. It is important that each candidate, as well as their parents, be aware of the demands of a regional board position.

If selected, your child will be expected to always follow and uphold the NFTY Brit Kehillah (Code of Conduct) in their role. Fair consequences including removal of office will be handled by the area manager on a case by case basis in the event that they do not adhere to the Brit. 

Of course, family, and education will continue to be a priority during the year that your child serves on the NFTY regional board. In this time, your child will hopefully learn time management skills, deepen their appreciation for Jewish leadership and grow personally.

The time commitment that will be asked of your teen is the following:

  1. Attendance at 1 in-person regional event (date to be determined) and online virtual programming.  
  2. Attendance at in-person NFTYx programs hosted by synagogues within their region.
  3. Attendance at regularly scheduled board meetings. Meetings generally occur weekly via video conference and last about an hour. In the weeks leading up to a regional event, meetings may be more frequent and last longer as preparation.
  4. Plan regional programming both virtual and in-person as we are able.
  5. Depending on your child’s position on the regional board, participation in NFTY North American events.
  6. Participation in the position-specific opportunities for learning.


The financial responsibilities of a board member can be found below.  Please be sure to review them with your teen. Holding a position on the regional board can be an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience. The NFTY Area Manager as well as a vetted volunteer coach will be working closely with the board to provide support, and to help them to work together as a team. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn and enhance leadership, time management, and communication skills, as well as create wonderful memories. I commend your child for deciding to run for a position

If you have any questions regarding positions on the regional board, please feel free to call me at 212-650-4112 or email at  I look forward to keeping communication open with the parents of our Regional Board Members.


Beth Garfinkle Hancock

NFTY East Area Teen Leadership Manager 

2022 – 2023 REGIONAL BOARD



Who is eligible?

Any Jewish teen who is a participant in good standing of their NFTY region and community  is eligible. A qualified candidate must be committed, optimistic and enthusiastic about having a hands-on impact on Reform Jewish teens. 

What is the financial obligation?
  1. Board members are expected to attend and pay for regional events. The URJ will make every effort to assist a teen regardless of their family’s financial situation through scholarship.
  2. Attendance at North American events where our board members serve as voting delegates for the region is also an expectation. Again, we do not know the course of the current global health crisis, and therefore we cannot assess the costs of future events.
  3. Depending on your child’s position on the regional board, they may be asked to purchase supplies, copies, etc., and then be reimbursed. Once receipts are submitted, reimbursement checks should be sent within one month of receipt.  All expenses must be approved by NFTY staff prior to purchase.


What are the other expectations of Regional Board Members?

Role Model – Recognize that members of the region look to you to set an example. Be aware of your behavior and attitude at all times, even when you are not actively leading. Think about how you portray yourself on social media. Lead by example, even more so when it comes to issues outlined in the NFTY B’rit K’hillah

Approachability – Regional Board members should be approachable.  It is important to remember that you are here for the whole region. There are always new people to meet and get to know.

Attendance – As a role model, you should be attending regional events, NFTYx regional programs, NFTY North American events, and other URJ programs (when applicable). School and family should always be your first priority. That said, serving your NFTY Regional Board means you are making a commitment that your NFTY Region will be your primary extracurricular activity.

Communication – It is expected that you will maintain open lines of communication with your fellow board members, NFTY Area Manager and Board Coach.

Events for all Board Members & Important Dates 

We do not know the calendar of dates for each region yet for next year, but know that we will communicate it with you as soon as it is finalized.  The calendar will include virtual, in person NFTYx synagogue hosted programs, and 1 camp retreat.


What does the NFTY Regional Board Experience 2022-2023 look like?

Why you would want to be on NFTY Regional Board

  • You want to be a Jewish leader in your geographic region and across North America
  • You want to learn skills around organizing your community and making a difference locally and across North America
  • You care about the NFTY values and want to share them with others
  • You want to bring Jewish teens together for fun, meaningful moments
  • You want to create inclusive Jewish spaces where everyone can be their best selves

What you might expect as a NFTY Regional Board leader

  • Be a part of a North American Network that includes learning leadership skills and translating those skills into action
  • Support congregations in your region running NFTYx events
  • Be part of a leadership team that leads the teens of your region
  • Be part of an important change process as NFTY continues to evolve with the changing times
  • Work with adults in the region to help create experiences for Jewish teens
  • Participate in high-level learning opportunities/leadership training




Opportunities for Learning:

  • URJ Change Makers Fellowship


  • Support congregations in creating NFTYx experiences
  • Partner with adults in the region to envision new engagement strategies
  • Lead your regional board as they work with teens and adults in your community
  • Represent your region on the NFTY North American level and work with other regional Presidents.

Examples of the work of the President

  • Be the youth leader liaison to synagogues running NFTYx experiences, helping to support, plan, and run experiences
  • Connect with synagogue adults about running NFTYx experiences
  • Hold weekly or biweekly meetings with your regional board to support the work they are doing and work as a team
  • Meet weekly or bi-weekly with your Area Manager 


Programming Vice-President

Opportunities for Learning:

  • URJ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Fellowship


  • Be a resource for regional and synagogue leaders about NFTY programming
  • Be the lead advocate for DEI work in your region
  • Offer programming (either personally or by providing support to local leaders) at NFTYx events  
  • Take the lead on programming at URJ camps and NFTY weekends as needed
  • Run a regional network of teens who care about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion issues
  • Oversee the editing process for regional programming and ensure that programs run smoothly from start to finish.

Examples of the work of the PVP

  • Run a program or provide support to synagogue teen leaders writing a program that relates to NFTY’s 13 principles.   
  • Create and run a program with members of your fellowship to teach NFTYites about DEI work

Social Action Vice-President

Opportunities for Learning:

  • Participate in the RAC Justice Fellowship
  • Attend L’Taken (if possible)


  • SAVPs with a RAC State Affiliates will be the teen lay leader working on local initiatives
  • Reach out to congregations to identify teen justice leaders.  
  • Choose issues to mobilize around and create campaigns for your region (in coordination with the RAC state person if available) 
  • Mobilize your peers to create change
  • Bring Social Action and Social Justice issues to NFTYx event programming where appropriate.

Examples of the work of the SAVP

  • Running a campaign with your teen justice network to increase Civic Engagement 
  • Speak at rally as a NFTY leader 
  • Lead a social justice program at a NFTYx event that mobilizes teens to act

Religious & Cultural Vice-President
The Religious & Cultural Vice President position will have two different opportunities to focus on.  While RCVPs may continue to lead their region in both areas, each RCVP will be able to choose to participate in learning and leading activities in one or both areas.

– Worship & Music focus

Opportunities for Learning:

  • URJ Songleader Fellowship


  • Lead online worship/rituals for North American, Regional, and local NFTY events
  • Create worship materials and give support to NFTYx events
  • Create & lead worship services/rituals at in person experiences 

Examples of the work of a RCVP – Worship and Music

  • Reach out to congregations to have them identify teen song leaders.  
  • Create a monthly meeting with teen song leaders where you share music and service ideas
  • Run an online Havdalah service with teens from across the region
  • Run morning services at a NFTYx event
  • Be a part of a URJ wide Friday night Shabbat experience

– Israel Focus

Opportunities for Learning:

  • URJ Israel Advocacy & Engagement Fellowship


  • Be part of a North American conversation about Israel and inspiring/supporting teens to act locally
  • Lead Israel focused campaigns, education opportunities, and initiatives with the Reform teen community in your region
  • Offer programming about Israel (either personally or by providing support to local leaders) at NFTYx events  
  • Provide Israel focused programming at URJ camps and NFTY weekends as needed
  • Run a regional network of teens who care about Israel-related issues

Examples of the work of the RCVP 

  • After learning about the work of the Women at the Wall in the Fellowship, work with three other leaders to create a North American social media campaign to raise awareness about the inequality at the Wall and how teens can act. 
  • Reach out to synagogues and ask them to invite teens who care about Israel to join your regional network & meeting monthly to talk about Israeli politics.  
  • Help a network of teens to work with their Communications VP to create a social media campaign. 
  •  Run a one-hour program on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (that you write as part of your work with your Fellowship) at a NFTYx event  

Membership Vice-President

Opportunities for Learning:

  • Mobilization training?
  • Hillel recruitment training?


  • Be a resource for increasing engagement
  • Be the lead advocate for creating inclusive communities
  • Offer support in programming for mixers/ice breakers (either personally or by providing support to local leaders) at NFTYx events  
  • Take the lead on creating a welcoming, inclusive community at URJ camps and NFTY weekends as needed
  • Run a regional network of leaders who care about teen engagement

Examples of the work of the MVP

  • Run a program or provide support to synagogue teen leaders to write a mixer or ice breaker
  • Provide training on outreach

Communications Vice-President

Opportunities for Learning:

  • Communications/Marketing Fellowship


  • Be the person responsible for the social media presence of your NFTY region
    • Post appropriately on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
    • Create high quality graphics for NFTY Regional and NFTYx programs
    • Create blog posts highlighting exciting happenings in the region
  • Work with SAVPs, RCVPs, etc to promote any social justice, Israel, or other important campaigns and initiatives
  • Depending on your region, you may be able to create merchandise to put in our NFTY store.
  • Offer support to synagogues planning NFTYx events 
  • Run a regional network of leaders who care about representing NFTY 

Examples of the work of the CVP

  • After completing the Communications/Marketing Fellowship, create a social media plan for your region
  • Teach synagogue teen leaders about creating a social media plan, creating good graphics, and more so that they can promote a NFTYx event
  • Work with your Social Action Vice President to create a social media campaign about Civic Engagement

Detailed Procedures


  • As per the NFTY Regional Constitution, campaigning is not allowed prior to or during the elections weekend. Any candidate that participates in campaigning will be disqualified.  


Current Board Certification

While we have tried to clearly outline the expectations and goals for Regional Board Members, the greatest understanding of a Regional Board position can only come from one who has held a leadership role in our region. We require you to speak with the current NFTY Regional President and/or the person currently holding the position you are running for.  The Regional President’s contact information can be found above – and they can connect you with the current board member. On these calls, we encourage you to ask these questions:

  • What are the obligations and weekly responsibilities of holding a Regional Board position?

  • What do you wish you had known before running and before you began your term?

  • Share your reason for running, goals for the year, and potential platform. Are these attainable and realistic goals for a regional board member?

Please know that at any time, in addition to having the required conversation with the current board member, you can also feel free to direct questions to Beth Garfinkle Hancock, NFTY’s East Area Manager.

Getting to Know the Candidates 

  • Each candidate will have a document of intent, speech, short biography (75 words or less), and photo, all shared with the current regional board prior to their meeting to select a new board.
  • TYG members in attendance of elections will have the opportunity to learn more about candidates during a “Meet the Candidates” forum on or before the day of elections. Details about this forum will be provided to candidates two weeks prior to elections.


Document of Intent 

  • Candidates must create a Document of Intent to be shared with the region prior to elections.
  • This document must be no longer than 1 page, double-sided.  
  • This should include your name, position(s) you are seeking, personal reasons for applying, qualifications, and goals.
  • We recommend that this document focuses on the values your candidacy and term will encompass, not only ideas and projects you hope to accomplish. You should be thinking about the value you will add to the movement and the work you will do.
  • You are encouraged to be creative in designing a colorful, easy to read one page document.  A great resource to use for this is Canva or Google Slides.
  • Some guiding questions that could help you with your document of intent:
    • Why do you want to be on Regional Board?
    • What are your qualifications for the position(s)  you are applying for?
    • What traits do you possess that make you a strong regional board member?
    • What have you achieved in positions in NFTY (and life)  that you’re proud of?
    • What do you hope to accomplish/ what is your vision for your region?
  • After all documents have been submitted, your Area Manager may set up a meeting with you to review it before it is published.
  • Check out some examples of past documents of intent.



  • All speeches will be pre-recorded and submitted to and by March 24th
  • Speeches should be between 2-3 minutes in length
  • Candidates may submit a second video for their “drop down” positions.
  • Speeches should show your personality, so feel free to be creative! 



  • Positions will be filled in gavel order.
  • Candidates will be selected by the current regional board, excluding members under consideration for during the election, and the NFTY Area Manager or designated youth professional.
  • Winning candidates will be notified by the current Regional President before results are announced to the Region.  Results will be announced to the Region as soon as possible. Each result will be announced to the winning candidate before proceeding to the next position.
  • Candidates who are not selected for the position they have applied for will be considered for the next open position and will not be notified until they have been selected for an open position or the election concludes


Each of the following guidelines is subject to the discretion of the NFTY Leadership.  We offer these guidelines to provide candidates with a clear understanding of what is and is not permissible.  If you have a question about the appropriateness of any of your actions or materials – i.e., a potentially “gray area” – consult the Regional President or NFTY Area Manager.


NFTY-GER 2022 Elections Procedures

  • This year, NFTY-GER will be electing its board for next year through a slating process.
  • All elections materials will be submitted to our current regional board (excluding board members running for election for the next term). They will make up this year’s NFTY-GER slating team.
  • With the region’s needs and best interests in mind, the slating team will fill next year’s NFTY-GER regional board and notify the candidates and the region as a whole when the decisions have been made.
  • Election materials will be due for all candidates by Thursday, March 24, 2022.
  • All candidates will be notified of their position by the end of the day on Saturday, March 26, 2022.

What a Candidate Cannot Do (At Risk of Disqualification) 

  • Distribute material to any NFTYite that discusses the voting procedure to sway/affect that person’s vote. (Material may educate about the candidate’s platform, but may not say, for example, “vote for me,” “I am the best candidate”). 
  • Distribute or share inappropriate or negative material about any candidates.  
  • Contact – including by telephone, email, text messaging, social media, etc. – delegates or other NFTYites (including other candidates) to initiate conversation about the election and its process.  
  • Distribute material outside of the event during which elections are held (e.g., email delegates, post material pertaining to the election on blogs, social networking sites, snail mail material, pins, snacks, etc.).  
  • Use network email threads, social media, or text groups as a forum for campaigning in any way. 
  • Contacting delegates from other regions in an attempt to block vote. You represent the constituents of your region. During the elections weekend, all Asefah participants (including candidates) are involved with their TYG caucus. Your vote should be reflective of what your TYG wants.