NFTY-GER in "The Tent"

The Tent is a place of sharing and collaboration, of support and relationship building exclusively for URJ Congregations. This is a great way to share ideas, questions, and thoughts in real-time. The Tent uses Microsoft's Yammer platform which is available from any web browser or using their mobile app, and you can subscribe to receive posts by email.

Go to the NFTY-GER group in The Tent
  • Join the conversation with other clergy, professionals and lay leaders from NFTY Garden Empire to share articles, videos, links and other resources. Start a conversation and invite feedback and reflections from your colleagues.
  • Receive timely NFTY-GER updates including event information and registration updates, professional development opportunities and resources for  your work.
  • Find information and resources in the document library including sample programs from events and youth groups, and regional recruitment materials (flyers, logos, social media graphics, etc.).

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Contact Barak Malkin
Senior Regional Director
NFTY-GER and Urban Mitzvah Corps

NFTY-GER Chaperone Policy

Any congregation sending 4 or more teens to a NFTY-GER event should also be sending an adult staff member, volunteer, or parent to support your teens attending, for the entire duration of the event. Two people who split the time at the event is also a great option! Please do not ask event RAs/cabin staff to fill this role for you – they need to be available to teens in their cabins in case of emergencies. This person must also register and preferably be over 21. Let us know if you need help finding someone to chaperone your youth group. There are several great alumni on call that we can connect you with. Please read the NFTY-GER Chaperone Policy for more information.