Thank you for your interest in running for the 2018-2019 NFTY-GER Regional Board. When deciding to run for the NFTY-GER Regional Board, it is important that you fully understand all the duties and obligations associated with the ten Regional Board positions and the elections process. Being a part of Regional Board requires a large amount of time, dedication, flexibility, and commitment. Please read through this packet of information with your parent/guardian, your clergy, and your TYG (Temple Youth Group) Advisor. We require you that you speak with the current member of the Regional Board for the position you seek, including any potential drop-downs, and that you and your parents speak with the NFTY-GER Regional Director of Youth Engagement. These conversations must happen between now and when applications are due. We also encourage you to reach out to the rest of the Board and the NFTY-GER Regional Director to help answer any questions you or your parent/guardian might have.

Serving on Regional Board is a very rewarding and educational experience! Regional Board alumni walk away with a broad array of skills and enjoy major accomplishments throughout the year as they lead their region to do great things. It is a wonderful opportunity to enhance leadership, time management, and communication skills as well as experiencing NFTY at a completely different level.

Remember, if you love NFTY enough to run for Regional Board, you love NFTY enough to stay active if you are not elected.

You’ll find everything in the Elections Packet 2018