NFTY GER Virtual Fall Kallah

Join NFTY GER for its annual Fall Kallah! A kallah is when NFTY-GER, a group of temple youth groups across New Jersey and parts of New York, comes together for a few days. We learn about many things, (some Jewish, some not,) reunite with best friends, make new ones, enjoy beautiful services, sing, and create memories that last forever.

Participants will need to register for each program individually. Go to RJ on the Go or click the name of each program below to register and sign-in for the event.

Questions? Email Robin Falkow, NFTY GER President, or Emily Messinger, NFTY East Area Manager.

Friday, November 20

Program 1: Welcome & Mixer (7:00 pm)

Join us for NFTY GER's Virtual Fall Kallah! During this session we will welcome members, new and old, to our region with a mixer and fun introductions!

Program 2: Shabbat & Small Fun (8:00 pm)

Join us as we celebrate Shabbat and enjoy our traditional Friday night Small Fun activities!

Saturday, November 21

Program 3: Welcome & Program Block 1 (10:00 am)

Join us as we welcome everyone back with a mixer and begin our track programming, where you get to choose what you want to learn! 

Program 4: Social Action & Open Conversation Electives (2:30 pm)

Join us as we learn about social action and this week’s Torah portion followed by open space conversation electives.

Program 5: Program Block 2 (5:00 pm)

Join us for the second half of the leadership, creativity, and creating space breakout program.

Program 6: Havdallah & Big Fun (8:00 pm)

Join us for havdalah, big fun, siyyum, and friendship circle.