Urban Mitzvah Corps New Jersey operates on a regular schedule, with participants spending each weekday at their worksites, with afternoons to relax create community programs, and evenings to engage in learning, learn about other non-profit organizations, or explore activities around New Brunswick. Over the course of the program, a routine becomes well established, and participants are given the independence to create their own schedules within the framework of the program at large. Below is a sample of a typical day at UMC.

7:30am - Wake up! Use the kitchen in the house to make breakfast and pack a lunch.

8:30am - Depart for volunteer site (either walking or being driven by a staff member): Elijah's Promise, Regency Heritage, or Elijah's Promise.

9:00am - Spend the majority of the day immersed in volunteering. Build meaningful relationships with the community, and engage with them for an extended period of time. Each Mitzvah Corps participants has the opportunity to work with two sites, for two weeks each. Lunch is eaten on site.

3:30pm - Return to the house.

4:00pm - Free time. Relax around the house, do laundry, plan some programs, or enjoy the New Brunswick community and head into town for a snack.

6:00pm - Dinner as a group.

7:30pm - Evening activities. A Jewish prayer experience, meeting with a local leader or member of the clergy, interactive group program, field trip, social activity, or combination! This is the time to delve into the issues that are addressed during the day at the worksites, and develop a new skill set and perspective. Its also time to build strong friendships with fellow UMC participants!

10:00pm - Evening ritual. Time to conclude the day, and prepare for tomorrow.

11:30pm - Lights out!

At a Glance

Dates: Summer 2021 Dates TBD
Length: 29 days
Issue Focus: Community Empowerment
Community Service Hours: 160
Cost: Summer 2021 Rates TBD (2020 Rates: $4400 - Early bird before January 2, 2020; $4700 - Full Tuition)
Mitzvah Corps is open to all rising 10th - graduating 12th graders.