Mitzvah Corps programs are designed to bring teens out of their comfort zones, to enable them to experiment with increased levels of independence, and to immerse them in new environments. We strive to create communities that are welcoming and celebratory of a diverse group of individuals, approach new situations with sensitivity and respect, and maintain a high standard of health, safety, and security.

While immersion into new environments, often without the comforts of home, requires experimentation with increased levels of independence in certain areas, traveling with a group also necessitates that each participant be open to following guidelines and expectations that may feel more restrictive than they are accustomed to.

Our team values transparency, and in order to ensure a successful summer, this unique setting requires that all participants adhere to certain expectations, which are outlined below.

Expectations of Independence

There are some basic expectations of independent living that help ensure the programs are safe for all involved.

We expect that all Mitzvah Corps participants:

  • Will be willing to participate in all program activities (volunteering, educational sessions, etc).
  • Are able to understand and follow multi-step directions.
  • Are able to communicate their needs.
  • Will not require one-on-one supervision or shadowing.
  • Will not wander or elope from the group.
  • Will not threaten harm to themselves, or engage in self injury.
  • Will not threaten harm, or be violent or physically aggressive, toward others.
  • Will maintain a healthy diet while on their program to ensure that they stay nourished and hydrated.
  • Are able to manage their own self hygiene.
  • Will be able to manage any challenges they may have with the tools and skills that have been successful in their home setting, and are available to them over the summer.
  • Will approach new situations and communities with respect, and open mind, and sensitivity toward local culture.

Community Policies

Participants are required to adhere to the policies outlined below, and to refrain from engaging in any behavior that jeopardizes the welfare of the community. These Community Policies are expanded upon in a document that will be signed by all participants and parent(s)/guardian(s) upon registration.

We expect that all Mitzvah Corps participants:

  • Act with respect for the well-being and rights of others.
  • Respect both community property and the property of others.
  • Maintain a safe environment void of weapons or illegal substances.
  • Be aware of the impact that their relationships with their peers may have on other members of the community.
  • Adhere to staff instructions regarding their whereabouts.
  • Refrain from operating any motor vehicle.
  • Refrain from any use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs.
  • Be positive and cooperative in all of their dealings with the program staff.
  • Behave in a safe way towards their own body.
  • Maintain reasonably clean living space and respect communal space.
  • Adhere to the electronics policies agreed upon at the start of each program.
  • Adhere to any state and federal regulations.
  • Adhere to any additional guidelines set forth by the program staff.

At a Glance

Dates: Summer 2021 Dates TBD
Length: 29 days
Issue Focus: Community Empowerment
Community Service Hours: 160
Cost: Summer 2021 Rates TBD (2020 Rates: $4400 - Early bird before January 2, 2020; $4700 - Full Tuition)
Mitzvah Corps is open to all rising 10th - graduating 12th graders.